Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whittle Down Wednesday

I didn't have a lot of free time this week. I tackled a small project, the 3 drawers in my Master Bath. It only took me 15-20 minutes!
Here are my "before" pictures.

Drawer #1
In this shallow top drawer I store make up, deodorant, facial cleansers & Moisturizers, tweezers, nail clippers, free samples, and more.

Drawer #2
This is a deeper drawer. In herer I store hair brushes, hairspray, my curling irons, clips, 3yo DD's bows & elastic bands.

Drawer # 3
This is also a deep drawer. In here I keep hair dryer and accessories, hair gels (these are for keeping bed head to a minimum when my boys are in dire need of a hairlcut!), white strips I haven't used in over a year, facial moisturizers and foot care, and JUNK

I took a good look at what products I really use regularly. I took out everything else. I threw out anything expired. For information on the shelf life of make up products go here. Here are my "after" pictures!

Drawer #1
I still store deodorant, make up and facial moisturizers and cleansers here. I simply removed what I wasn't using regularly and threw out anything old, or that I had no intention of using.

Drawer #2
This drawer only holds brushes and hair accessories now. It is so much easier to find everything!

Drawer #3
Now I keep all irons, dryers, and now my hot rollers fit in here too!
(I threw the white strips out!)

I find that my vanity counter stays cleaner now. Because there is room in the drawers for what I use, it is less likely to end up on the counter! My 15 minute investment has made my mornings go more smoothly. Also, because there is plenty of room in the drawers for what I use, I have found that I put them away! Less clutter on the counter means a neater bathroom!