Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Safeway trip

I took advantage of the Living Well promotion for the first time yesterday. I purchased 16 packages of Bertolli Sauce.

$2.00 x 16 = $32.00
$32.00 - $19.20 in Qs (these were 60c/1 Qs that doubled) =$12.80 +tax
I used $13.00 in Catalina Qs from an earlier promotion to pay for these.
My cash OOP was 36c.
When my transaction was complete I received one $10 OYNO (on your next order Catalina) from the Living Well promotion and eight $2 OYNO from the Bertolli promotion.
I spent $13 in Catalina's and 36c in cash and I earned $26 in OYNO Catalina's.
Next, I purchased 4 bottles of the Pledge Multi Surface spray.
$3.99 x 4 = $15.96 - $8 in IPs = $7.96 + tax.
I used $7 in CATs I already had. I paid $1.76 for 4 bottles.
I earned a $5 Catalina for purchasing 4 qualifying items in one purchase, and 4 $1 Catalina's for buying Pledge Multi Surface spray.
I spent $7 in CATs and $1.76 in cash and I earned $9 in OYNO Catalina's.