Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Saving Tuesday

Buy meat in bulk and create meal starters for multiple meals

The Whole Boneless Sirloin Tips are on sale at Food Lion for $1.89/lb (this sale ends today 4/21). I had the butcher grind 2 tips (about 22 lbs.) into ground beef. I paid $40.21 for $96.54 worth of beef. I used the ground beef to "pre"pare 12-15 meals (for a family of TEN). That comes to $2.78 - $3.35 per meal (depending on how I stretch it).

Twenty-three pounds filled 5 of these packages today.

I put the meat in the refrigerator and worked with one package at a time.

I browned the first package (1/3 at a time ) with chopped onions (I alreday had these in the freezer) in my 12 inch skillet. When the first 1/3 portion was done, I moved it to a strainer to drain the fat. Then I began to cook the 2nd 1/3 portion. When this was finished I moved the 1st portion to a large clean bowl, strained the 2nd and began to cook the third. When the meat had cooled enough I placed 6-7 cups of browned ground beef & onions into 3 freezer bags.

These will be used for shepherd's pie, stromboli, baked ziti, or pizza casserole.

The second package of meat was browned in the same manner, except this meat was seasoned with taco seasoning. Also, I placed it into 4 baggies.

The third package made six mini meat loaves.
One large loaf takes a long time to defrost and a long time to cook, so I always make the minis - this is a great time saver!

The fourth package became 18 hamburger patties.

The fifth package is in the refrigerator. I'll probably make meatballs and 6 more hamburger patties tomorrow.

Once I have finished preparing & freezing the meat, I will have 12 -15 meal starters ready to thaw for fast meals!