Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CVS Huggies Diaper Deal 4/5-4/11

If you are brand new to couponing and have young ones in diapers, this is a deal you won't want to miss!

April 5 - April 11 CVS will give you $10 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) when you purchase $25 worth of diaper products. You can use your $10 ECB to purchase more diapers for free.

There is a Limit of 1 ECB reward per card. (this simply means that if you spend $50, you won't receive $20 in ECBs)

(Or, you can hang on to that $10 ECB and use it to buy future items that will generate more ECBs. This is referred to as rolling ECBs. A separate post will be coming soon specifically addressing rolling ECBs)

These items are included in the Huggies promotion
(a coupon match and it's location appears below items):
Enfamil/Similac 2/$10
Similac Powder, any 22 oz. + $1 (x4/30/09) SS 10/12/08
Huggies Jumbo $10
Huggies Diapers any - $1.50 off 1 (x4/19/09) SS 3/1/09
Huggies Wipes $5
Huggies Baby Wipes, any 64 count + .50 (x5/24/09) SS 3/1/09
Johnson & Johnson Baby Bath $2.99
Playskool Diapers $10.99
Playtex Cups Accessories 25 % off
CVS Mega Pk diapers 34-52 count size OR kids pants 40 count size $10
Enfamil or Similac ready to feed 32 oz (excludes Alimentum and Nutramigen) 2/$10
CVS Soft cloths 72-80 count 2/$4

To make this an even better deal and to celebrate our blogs 1 week anniversary we will mail out coupons for $5/1 Gentle Natural Huggies Diaper IP and $3/1 Huggies Diaper IP, $1.50/1 diapers and $.50 off wipes. Leave a comment and then email us to with your mailing address--please don't leave your address on the blog! (more details below)

This is how a few purchases might look when using these IP coupons:

3 bags Gentle Care Huggies = $30
-$5 IP coupon x 3 = $15 oop, earn $10 ecb. Net cost $5 for 3 bags of Huggies. If you send your receipts into you will get back an additional $.75 per bag, making your total cost (after ECB savings) $2.75 for 3 bags of Huggies.

2 bags Gentle Care Huggies, 1 pack Huggies wipes = $25
-$5 IP x2
-$.50 Huggies wipes coupon (3/1 ss)
$14.50 oop, earn $10 ECB and $1.50 from Caregivers Marketplace = $3 for 2 bags of diapers and 1 package of wipes.

2 bags Natural Care Huggies, 1 pack Huggies wipes = $25
-$3 IP natural care coupon X2
-$.50 Huggies wipes coupon (3/1 ss)
oop = $18.50, earn $10 ECB and $1.50 from Caregivers Marketplace = $7 for 2 bags of diapers and 1 package of wipes.

No IPs, just mailer or insert coupons
2 bags any type of Huggies, 1 pack wipes =$25
-$1.50 1 Huggies diapers (3/1 ss) x 2
-$.50 1 Huggies wipes (3/1 ss)
oop $21.50, earn $10 ECB and $1.50 from Caregivers Marketplace = $10 for 2 bags of diapers and 1 package of wipes.

There's still time to order coupons for this sale--but you need to act QUICKLY. A word to the wise though--there are several sellers on ebay selling copies of the internet printable (IP) $5 or $3 coupons. Each coupon must have it's own unique code, using a copy of an IP coupon is coupon fraud and you can be prosecuted for such. We have very successfully traded for these coupons through Hot Coupon World. You do need to register and seek approval, but it's an easy process. Sometimes people are looking to trade for other IPs, insert coupons, stamps or even small amounts of Paypal funds. You can check out the person's trader rating too to see if it's someone you'd want to trade with.

From all the emails we receive, 10 randomly selected posters will receive sets of Huggies coupons for free. If you are not one of the lucky 10 you can still receive coupons, but will need to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you'd like to enter the drawing for the Huggies coupons, please leave a comment, but ALSO email us at'll need your email address to contact you about mailing you your coupons. Coupon amounts will randomly be placed in envelopes by our kids--but you will receive at least 3 Huggies coupons per envelope.