Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

Each Thursday we'll be bringing you tips on increasing your thriftiness.

Today's tip saves my family about $400 each year. I cut my husband and sons hair now rather than going to the barber. After one *very* disastrous attempt within the first year of our marriage I vowed never again to try cutting my husband's hair. (Note--the guards on your clippers are your friends. Use them wisely and never start in the front, dead center of your husbands head unless he specifically asked for a very short buzz!) But after months and months of sitting and watching him get his hair cut at the barber I thought I could try again--and surprisingly he was willing to let me! The next couple of times he went for a hair cut I sat and watched just how the barber would cut, how he'd hold the clippers, and how he'd use the scissors for the top.

Honestly, the first time I tried I was really nervous, but I read the instructions in the clippers, started slowly (in the back--lesson learned!) with the longest guards and gradually used shorter guards until I got the desired look. Now, for the past 5 years I've been his exclusive barber and when the boys came along and started needing haircuts I've been their only barber.

My husband's haircuts used to cost about $20 with tip. If we were to take the boys their haircuts would cost about $15 a piece. They all need their haircut about every 6 weeks. If each gets 8 haircuts a year that's a savings of $400 each year!

Until last month I used the old Wahl clippers my mom used on my dad's hair, but I guess after 25 years they finally gave out. I was able to buy a new Wahl version at Target for $17.99. Inside it comes with several different guards, scissors, combs, a detailed cutting guide, and a pretty neat function my old clippers didn't have, an adjustable taper controlled head.