Friday, April 24, 2009

Family Fun Friday

With the arrival of Spring and warm weather my family can't wait until May for the beginning of this week's topic for Family Fun Friday--Farmer's Markets! Each Friday evening in the late Spring and all throughout Summer there is a Farmer's Market held in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. Farmers from all throughout the area come to share their goods. My kids love walking around, seeing what the farmers have to offer, learning about how it grew, and they especially love the free samples!

It's something we look forward to as a family all week. Admittedly, their favorite stop is the tent that sells Colonial kettle corn. They work together all week to do extra chores to earn $3 so they can share a bag. Often there is a guitarist who will play music. A bonus is that I can get some great produce at great prices too!

It's a very cheap evening out that the whole family can enjoy together!

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