Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Safeway Living Well, Feeling Well Promo

The spend $30, get a $10 catalina on your next order promo was advertised as beginning on Wednesday (4/15) but it looks like it started yesterday!

In a previous post you'll remember how we told you to make this a major money maker for your family!

Today I went and did the Bertolli deal at two different stores. At each store I did two transactions. Thankfully both stores had plenty in stock so I could buy 32 at each store and still leave some for other shoppers. (8isgreat said her store only stocks 6 at a time so she has asked her manager to order some and they will be in by the end of the week.)

What I got:
64 packets of Bertolli spaghetti sauce
1 package Mission spinach herb wraps
1 Life Water
3 cans soup (didn't need but I had all 4 kids with me and they were being so good and they asked!)
2 packs Oscar Mayer bacon
2.16 lbs bananas
1.58 lbs apples
1 avocado
1 Fresh Express baby spinach
2 lbs strawberries
1 lb VA Ham from deli

Coupons I had going into store:
$9 in catalinas I had leftover from the Pledge deal
60 $.60/1 Bertolli coupons (all doubles)
4 $1/1 Bertolli coupons
1 $1/1 Fresh express coupon
1 free Life Water coupon (catalina that printed out previously)

Total cost of everything I purchased: $269.67

Total oop expense: $19.54

And I still have $50 in catalinas to spend at Safeway (or Giant since they take Safeway's coupons now.)

So today I "made" $30.46 at Safeway!

I'll keep some of the spaghetti sauce for our family, but the overwhelming majority of it will be going to the local food bank! I spoke to the manager about ordering more sauce and he said he'd look into it. I told him it was on a good sale and part of a promotion so they probably want to stock up. (And I have 57 more coupons I'd like to use!)

*Also, I'll be able to use my receipts to get a MIR from Unilever for $20 off the purchase price of a ham!