Monday, April 27, 2009

Chocolate Chips! Twenty bags for $2.73!

Here is a photo of my chocolate chip purchase from last week.
They were on sale 2/$4 two weeks earlier at Safeway. The shelf was empty, so I got a rain check from the manager.
I ordered (20) $.75/1 Qs from KuntryKlippers. Twenty bags rang up at $59.00. I got a 10% discount of $5.90 off the top with my Safeway card. Then $19.00 came off with the rain check. Finally twenty $.75 coupons were scanned. These doubled to $1.50 off. $1.50 x 20 = -$30.00. My total came to $4.73. I used $2 in catalinas and then $2.73 in cash!