Monday, April 6, 2009

Huggies craziness!

In looking at my receipts I've bought 55 bags of Huggies since March when the Huggies internet printables came out. With a 15 month old and a baby on the way we will be well set with diapers for a good long time! (And thank you to my husband who has built new shelves in the tops of our closets to store them all!)

Thought I'd take a picture of today's diaper run from CVS.

10 bags of Huggies at $10 each = $100
used a $20/100 cvs coupon that printed out at the coupon scanner in the store
used 10 $5 Huggies IP coupons
used $15.50 in ECBs (extra care bucks)
$14.50 on a cvs gift card I got by filling my daughter's allergy medication (got a $25 gc for filling her prescription)
earned $10 ECBs

so I put $14.50 on gift card, got $10 in ECBs back and will get a $7.50 check back from caregivers marketplace when I mail in the Huggies receipts.

This is a good example of how to make "rolling ECBs" and combining store and manufacturer coupons work for you. I got 10 bags of diapers without paying a single cent out of pocket (by using the ECBs and the gift card I got for the medicine my daughter needed anyway) AND I will be getting a check of $7.50 in the mail from Caregivers Marketplace. In essence, I turned ECBs and free gift cards into cash while getting diapers.

If you do the math, between ECBs and gift card I "spent" a total of $20 - $7.50 (caregivers rebate) = $12.50 for 10 packs of diapers = $1.25 a pack of diaper. Not too shabby.

A year and a half ago I never would have thought this was possible. But I think this shows that the longer you play this CVS game and learn how best to use coupons and store offers, amazing savings are possible!