Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Awesome Paper Deal at Staples

Now that you're printing lots of coupons from your computer, you'll need to stock up on inexpensive paper! That's where Staples comes in for you!

They are clearancing out packages of paper for $6.99 a ream, but there is a $5.99 rebate through Staples per pack you buy. (no limit listed.) So you'll get paper for $1 a ream! My husband picked these up for us this weekend and he said at our store they were clearly marked at $6.99/ream with a sign about getting $5.99/ream rebate.

(Rebate) Detail Info:
Product: Staples 8.5X11 Printing RM
Rebate reward: $5.99 Check per ream
Purchase dates: 03-15-2009 through 05-09-2009
Postmark date: 07-08-2009
Promotion: $5.99 Rebate on a Staples 8.5X11 Printing RM (SKU 554638) at Staples Stores Only--not good online.