Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Thrift stores!

Thrift stores are terrific places to find great, high-quality, unique and inexpensive household items. Often, the items in a thrift store are perfectly good things that somebody else has outgrown or simply grown tired of.

If you need to furnish a new apartment, Thrift stores are great sources of the necessary kitchen items - dishes, pots and pans, and baking items. You'll also find bedspreads, curtains, carpets, small appliances, and furniture.

I go to one local thrift store because they get a regular supply of these little juice glasses. (I really don't like to drink out of plastic cups.) My little ones help with dishes and we break quite a few glasses over a year. These also remind me of my Grandmother who always served breakfst with two of these little glasses, one with milk and the other with juice. :o)
All the glasses in this cupboard came from a thrift store. They are not all the same pattern, but they are all clear glass and in my opinion look nicer on the table than different colored plastic cups.
Be sure to check out the accessories. You'll find belts, purses, luggage, shoes, hats, and even jewelry (usually the costume variety) at a fraction of their regular prices. I bought this brand new, never used Vera Bradley wallet for my daughter last year. I didn't know what the retail value was, but I knew enough to know $3 was a bargain. My daughter was thrilled!
Watch for bargains and sales. Many thrift stores have a sales or clearance rack to unload items that have not sold in some time. Also, keep a look out for store-wide sales, such as student or senior discount day, 50% off day or $1 day among others. Most thrift shops will have signs up for these events.

Before buying an item, take a good look at it. Is it in good shape? Is it stained? Does it have any holes or tears? If it has a zipper, buttons or clasps make sure these work.

Because it's inexpensive, it can be very easy to accumulate clutter at thrift stores. Don't just look at the bargain; ask yourself whether you really need and will use an item. Clean out your closets periodically, too, and pass along the stuff you're done with.

Always wash thrift store clothing before you wear it.

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