Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whittle Down Wednesday

I highly recommend Peter Walsh's book "It's All Too Much!" It gave me such a new perspective on our things. As mothers so much of our time is spent taking care of, or cleaning our things. I decided I'd really rather have fewer things and more time.

This week I tackled the TV/VCR/DVD/Media cabinet in our family room.

Our family does not have cable or satellite TV. We used to have an antenna, but it broke.
All of our TV time is spent with DVDs or VHS tapes from Netflix, the local library or our own collection. As you can see from my before shots, our home collection was getting out of control.

We store our VHS tapes below the TV and our DVDs are above it to keep the more fragile media away from the little ones.
I removed over thirty titles from our collection. I tried to keep only musicals, classics, educational, and religious films. We can always rent a title from Netflix or borrow from the library. Honestly, I’d prefer they store the films instead of me!

Here is the cabinet restored to order! There is still alot of media. But maybe I'll pare it down again inthe future.
I taped up and rubber banded the remote controls back together and stuck them in a plastic container on the top shelf. Here is a photo of it inside the cabinet. This container also fits the white DVD sleeves from Netflix and loose DVDs that don’t make their way back into their cases right away.What an improvement. Everyone happily noticed the change here! AND, no one has even noticed any missing titles! LESS IS MORE!