Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Saving Tuesday

Laundry. It's a task dreaded by most moms. The collecting dirty laundry, the washing, the remembering to put it in the dryer, the folding and then finally--the returning of the laundry to it's rightful home. Something our family does which has been a huge time saver (and more importantly than the time savings the fact that the laundry gets put away right away) is to have what the Duggar family refers to as a "family closet."

We've been doing this since long before I ever heard of the Duggars because of our limited space in our townhome. We quickly realized as we added more kids to a townhome that dressers take up valuable space in an already cramped bedroom. Our solution--to get rid of dressers in the kid's bedrooms. My father-in-law built in a dresser into my daughter's closet, but other than that, 5 of us share one large vertical dresser in the master bedroom. Kids clothes also hang in the 2 closets we have in the master bedroom.

How does this save time? We fold all the laundry on the master bed. After it is folded we are able to put away nearly everyone's clothes without having to leave that room! As they finish helping to fold, the kids can easily open their drawers and put their own clothes away. It's worked so well we've even added a tiny vertical dresser that fits in my closet for my oldest's socks and underwear along with hanging her school uniforms in there. Having everything in one central location saves steps and time!

If you have any suggestions for a Time Saving Tuesday tip, we'd love to hear them!