Friday, May 29, 2009

Shoppers Food Double Coupon Weekend!

Thanks to Gina at MoneywiseMoms I learned that Shoppers was doubling coupons up to (and including) $1 this weekend. They also have an in circular coupon for $5 off when you buy $20 worth of selected products (cereals, poptarts, cookies.) Most of my $1/1 coupons for Kelloggs cereals that I printed off a few weeks back were going to expire in the next week, so I thought it was the perfect time to use them up! The way it works is by buying 8 boxes of cereal at $2.50 each and using the $1/1 coupons per box and the $5 Shoppers coupon you make $1! (which is then applied to the rest of your groceries.)

My total for this trip was $15.65.

I got:
24 boxes of cereal (lots to be donated)
2 jars of Miracle Whip (donate)--I bought this for free to be able to use the Kraft $2 off meat purchase to make the ground turkey just $.50
1.25 lbs Ground turkey
2 cans Hormel chili
4 cans vegetarian refried beans
6 boxes of jello (only 5 pictured)
4 pack of Kraft American cheese
3 bags of Marcal napkins
3 boxes uncle bens brown rice
1 McCormick black pepper
1 Daisy 8 oz sour cream
2 Breakstone 16 0z sour cream
3 Wacky Mac
2 Barilla Piccolini pastas
12 Mentos gums
2 YoPlait Yo-Plus yogurt
3 donuts (not pictured!)

Total $15.65. (Actually it should have been $.50 less, but I accidentally grabbed a box of Rice Krispies that was smaller--but $.50 more.)