Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whittle Down Wednesday

Continuing the home organization inspired by reading Peter Walsh's book It's All Too Much, I recently tackled my pantry.


I didn't get rid of anything here. I just organized. I removed products I don't use often and placed them in my food storage in the basement.


This is the top portion of my pantry - the shelves and food storage. The very top shelf is very spacious. I think I could put another shelf up there. Right now I use this shelf to store a large storage container of rice, oats, napkins, paper towels and appliances I don't use regularly (the blender, the food processor and the rice maker).

This is the bottom portion of my pantry - hooks line the back wall, there is a potato bin, a large electric griddle, lunch boxes, a jumbo bottle of vinegar, a broom and dust pan. Aprons hang on right side wall and keys and my plastic-grocery-bag-storage-bag on the left.

The shelf space

I have a lot of free space here now. I may clear some of my canned goods from another cupboard and place them here. Then I can store my bowls and pans in such a way that they won't spill out after the 5 or 7 year old have emptied the dishwasher. :o)

The lower pantry

For 4 years I've stored my griddle in the pantry on the floor propped up against a wall. It falls over all the time. I always wanted a little shelf installed to slide it in and out. I knew we couldn't put in a shelf and keep the hooks that line the back of the pantry. I rely on those hooks to keep all the lunch boxes and coolers off the floor. Well, as I cleaned up my shelves I realized that my cereal boxes still fit on the shelf when they are lined up right on top of the griddle! Four years of picking up the griddle almost every time I used the closet. Old habits die hard! I'm so glad I had a new perspective when I tidied this up!