Saturday, May 2, 2009

SAFEWAY Living Well Promo

Here are my totals from the Living Well Promotion at Safeway.
I did 18 transactions.
My OOP total was $55.74
I purchased $959.96 worth of groceries.
I have $14.25 in Catalinas to spend and another $15 in Catalinas coming in the mail from the Catalina company.

This is what I got:
LW promotional items:
53 Bertolli pouches
64 Dial hand soaps
28 Deer Park Waters
19 Electrasol gel pacs
14 Ziploc bags
36 Yoplait yogurts
8 cans Bush's beans
6 canned tomatoes
5 PAM cooking sprays
4 Mission flour tortillas
4 Mac & cheese
4 boxes of tissues
3 Smart Balance sticks
3 Smart Balance tubs
2 Skippy Peanut butter
2 Reynolds foil
2 Lysol wipes
2 Hefty garbage bags
2 Scott TP (12 roll pks)
2 Gain laundry detergent
1 mini Strawberry Newton's (for hungry tot)
1 CapriSun

Other items (not part of the LW promo) purchased with LW catalinas:
40 bags of Nestle Toll House Morsels
7 boxes of Eggo Waffles
2.5 lbs grapes
2 bags flour
2 lbs. bananas
1 Nutrigrain bars
1 box jumbo pasta shells
Dum Dum lollipops

Here is my last trip to Safeway. I did three transactions.

My OOP costs are WAY over frugal momma's. I've not gotten to her level of success. :o)
I also only have one Safeway and it's 20 miles away. Frugal Momma probably has at least 3 Safeways in a 20 mile radius.

I realize now that I should have rolled all my catalina's into more LW products to produce more catalina's. I spent alot of my CATs on non LW items. I also began buying some of the higher end priced LW items. I wish now that I'd waited until close to the end of the promotion to begin purchasing these.