Monday, May 4, 2009

Safeway LW -- my last trip for this promotion

Tonight I made my last purchases for the LW promotion at Safeway.
Here is what I bought (in three separate transactions):
15 packages of Ball Park Franks (a $5 Cat prints when you buy 5 items)
10 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
5 Chinet Casuals lunch plates
2 Deer Park Waters

My OOP was $4.81

I used the following Qs:
15 $1/1 Ball Park Franks
5 $2/1 Chinet Casuals lunch plates
1 $1/2 Deer Park water
1 75c/1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (doubled to $1.50)
5 B1G1 Free Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I earned $47 in Catalinas.
Although my $10 Cats didn't print in any of the 3 transactions. I went over all the items I purchased with a manager and he gave me a $10 store coupon credit to use on my second and third transactions and then $10 out of the till from the last transaction.

I used $18.25 in Catalinas (plus $20 credited as store Qs representing the missing Cats) + $4.81 to pay for these items.
Total Catalinas left from entire promotion to spend on groceries at Safeway $28 plus the $10 cash back.