Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thrifty Thursday! Free Diapers from Arquest again!

Arquest is looking for size 4 babies again for their diaper study! I spoke with Georgia again this morning and they are looking for size 4 boys and girls right now. She said next month they'll be doing a size 1 diaper study so if you have a really little one you can call now and they'll take your information and call you when they are ready to start the study.

I just finished a study a few weeks ago and was able to sign up again for this one. They'll mail you a free bag of diapers to try for a week, a survey to fill out and then after completing the survey they will mail you a check for $10 for your time.

The number to call is:


Ext 634 for boys (Cheyla)
Ext 646 for girls (Georgia)