Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whittle Down Wednesday

I began re-reading Peter Walsh's It's All Too Much this past week. Last Wednesday I posted here that I had gotten side-tracked into just "cleaning up" rather than "cleaning out." Keeping in mind that the items I store should serve my family rather than us serving these items, I tackled another small space in my kitchen this week.

I can remember wishing someone with "real" organizational skills would come and help me streamline the spaces in my kitchen. I had so much stuff in my kitchen I didn't know where to begin. Thinking about tackling it myself seemed overwhelming. But, I did it. I just took one cabinet at a time. I thought about what the best use for the space could be and I started small. I can't believe how uncluttered my finished spaces look and how easy it is to find just what I need. It is also easier for the kids to help me set up for a party or a meal, and to clean up without my help. My boys would just put clean dishes on the counter for me to put away because it was too dangerous for them to try to balance the dishes so high on the shelves.

This is my other 4 shelf top corner cabinet. This sits in the opposite corner from the cabinet I posted here last week, between my oven and my refrigerator.


Sorr, I can't find my before picture. It could have been taken with my DD's camera. Trust me, it was in bad shape. :o( I will post a photo if I find one!

The only item in this cabinet that I used regularly was my food chopper. Four shelves - what a waste!

I also kept some serving dishes, a box filled with cake decorating supplies, all my candy making molds (last used maybe 2 -3 years ago).

A waffle maker, a sandwich maker, an apple peeler-corer-slicer, and a carving set were here (they still are).

I also had some candles, a warming pot to melt scented wax discs and lots of these wax discs. (I sure do wish I'd cleaned this cupboard before my yard sale!)

I also had a number of baking spices and extracts. I moved these to my baking cupboard.

Just about anything else in here went in the garbage.

Now the cabinet holds all my serving dishes collected from various other kitchen cabinets. It still holds the waffle maker, sandwich maker, carving set, my slicing/grating tool, and apple peeler-corer-slicer. The only other item in this cupboard is a plastic Tupperware container that holds some CD's. (I have a CD player mounted under this counter). Here is the finished product!