Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Fun Friday

Last night our family was generously given tickets to a Major League Baseball game. It was a fun evening, but even with great seats the kids felt a little removed from the action. A much cheaper alternative to Major League Baseball is Minor League Baseball. Many areas have minor league teams. The parks are smaller and the often offer more promotions geared toward kids (running the bases after the game, fireworks, meeting the players, etc.) The price is a significant difference too! The local team here offers $1 Mondays where tickets, hot dogs and drinks are all only $1. All of Minor League Baseball is participating in a promotion with Kraft where if you bring a wrapper from Kraft Singles American cheese to a park on Tuesday night your tickets are buy one, get one free.

To read more about that promotion, click here. To find a team in your area, click here and then click on "Find Team".