Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!


Bartering is a great way to save money on items or services you need!
All of us have been blessed with gifts or have aquired skills that are valuable to others.
Bartering is when you trade your talent for someone else's talent.

If you need of a talent you don't possess, think of someone you know who has this talent and what you might be able to do for them in return.

Make a list of the talents you have: cleaning, an ability to organize a room, teach music lessons, car detailing, running errands, tutoring, teaching a struggling reader, gardening, hanging drywall, painting, driving someone in need of a ride, cutting hair, repairing plumbing/electrical, child care, letter writing, baking, cooking, canning/freezing, knitting, sewing, budgeting, financial planning, furniture repair or refinishing, and even your couponing skills. Think of the education you have, the classes you've taken, and special training you've received. Don't forget your hobbies. There are people who need services you can provide and are willing to trade for them!

Your skills are valuable! Others are in need of your talents! Once you have a list advertise your skills. Post a flyer in the library, the grocery store, or take an ad out in the wanted section of a community paper or a neighborhood email bulletin, etc.

When you find yourself in need of a skill, get the word out. Tell co-workers, friends, neighbors, and people you do business with. You would be surprised how willing people are to trade services to avoid the high cost of hiring someone! If you need to, take out a small ad in the paper or post a sign. When you make contact be sure to let them know up front you'd like to barter with them and find out what you could do for them in exchange.

I have a friend who learned how to coupon and match deals to get diapers cheaply. She traded diapers in exchange for art lessons (from a new Dad) for her daughter. My daughter helped clean the art studio or babysat for the same teacher for her art lessons. For two years I have exchanged a homecooked casserole for private music lessons.

Bartering is a teriffic way to get what you need and return the favor! Everybody wins!