Monday, June 22, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Finally--I got to post this on a Monday again!

Here's what's on tap for the week:

Sunday: Chinese food take out for Father's Day

Monday: Rosemary-Orange pork tenderloin, grilled potato packets (sliced regular and sweet potatoes and sliced onions tossed in olive oil with rosemary, salt and pepper wrapped in foil and grilled), broccoli. Here's the full article for "fool-proof" grilled pork tenderloin. Includes brining tip and cooking instructions.

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Casear salads , pineapple

Wednesday: Baja lime chicken, black bean rice salad.

Thursday: Turkey club sandwiches, chips, raw veggies and dip, fruit salad.

Friday: Grilled pizzas (veggie for grown ups, plain cheese for kids) and salads. (I use this recipe for the dough--but add an additional cup flour and a little more water. I use my bread machine to mix it all up and knead it for a while, but never let it run the full dough cycle, then roll out individual size pizza crusts, spray with cooking spray and throw on a hot grill for just a few minutes per side to cook the crust, then top with sauce, cheese and toppings and return to low covered grill for just a bit until the cheese is melted. You need to watch carefully so they don't burn though!)

Saturday: Fajita salads (Marinate thinly sliced steak strips in half bottle of Italian dressing, 1 tsp cumin and a couple of dashes of hot sauce for 1 hour--or however much time you have! In hot skillet coated with cooking spray cook thinly sliced red & green peppers and onions. Add steak--and marinade--and cook through. Serve over salad greens, drained and rinsed black beans, rinsed frozen corn, crushed tortilla chips/taco shells. Top with cheese and dressing made from equal parts sour cream and salsa.)

For more suggestions, check out Org Junkie's Meal Plan Monday.