Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TIme Saving Tuesday--house cleaning

A few years back I came across a resource that is such a blessing in it's simplicity. It's by MotivatedMoms.com. She has put together a planner that has daily check lists for cleaning. You save time by spending just a small amount of time each day cleaning, rather than letting the whole house slip into chaos and then struggling to climb out of the mess. The planner offers printable checklists for each week. There are daily chores and then each day of the week has additional chores to tackle. Some will be really quick--like "replenish the toilet paper in each bathroom" others make take longer--like "clean microwave inside and out". A friend who just got the planner last week commented "I couldn't believe how clean my house was at the end of last week. I just went by the list and off I went."

The list breaks cleaning your house into small do-able tasks and don't overwhelm even the messiest of housekeepers. The cost for this resource is only $8 for a whole year of a clean house!

Interested in checking it out for yourself?
To order Motivated Moms planner
If you are interested in ordering and saving $1 use the code GROUP!
It's a complete steal at $7!