Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walgreens--4 day sale Spend $25 (pre coupons) get $5 RR

Today starts a 4 days sale at Walgreens where if you spend $25 (after tax, but BEFORE coupons) you will receive a $5 Register Reward good for your next order.

The Huggies wipes deal works GREAT with this.

If you only have the $2 Huggies wipes coupon found in the Back to School coupon flyer at the front of the store, your transaction would look like this:

9 tubs of wipes $2.79x9= $25.11
-$2 coupon (x9--you just need the one coupon though) = $18
=$7.11 oop of pocket, earn a $5 RR. Total cost for 9 tubs of wipes $2.11.

If you have the $.50/1 manufacturer's coupons that came out last Sunday (or previously) the deal looks like this:
9 tubs of wipes - 9 $.50/1 qs, 9 $2 qs = $2.61, earn $5 RR, making it a $2.39 money maker!

Don't forget that the new Softsoap Nutri body wash is $3.99 and produces a $4 RR. You can use this as a good "filler" to get you to a $25 total.

The Register Rewards don't "roll", meaning if you get one from one transaction you cannot use it on another $25 transaction and receive an additional $5 RR.

I did 3 separate "$25" transactions, received 3 $5 RR and one $4 RR for the Softsoap, then turned around and spent those RR right away since I'll be having the baby soon and won't be able to get back to the store later to use them. In addition to the wipes and Softsoap I bought 3 12 pack double rolls of Angel Soft toilet paper, a Red Baron pizza, a 12pk of Coke, 7 boxes of mac-n-cheese, a box of cookies (to keep little shoppers quiet), 40 4x6 prints, and a hard case travel size of Huggies wipes for the diaper bag.