Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cash only groceries--month of July review

Well July wrapped up our third month of using only cash and the results are so good, we'll stick with it. I was hoping to spend a good bit less than I have the past two month since we were gone for the first 13 days of the month, but a trip to Costco put a $30 ding in the budget for stuff I wouldn't normally buy, but wanted to have on hand for convenience's sake since baby is due in just 4 weeks now.

Budget: $220
Actual spent: $219.73 (barely under budget!)
we ended the month with just 27 cents to spare!
Mail in rebates submitted this month: $66
So after MIRs, we spent $153.73 to feed our family of 6.

Here's how the money got spent this month:

7 indiv bananas
9 indiv fuji apples
1 whole seedless watermelon
2 indiv peaches
1 pt blueberries
2 indiv baking potatoes
1 indiv sweet potato
11 indiv fuji apples
7 indiv bananas
2 lbs strawberries
1 bunch scallions
3 oz baby spinach
4 indiv peaches
2 indiv canteloupes
1 lbs strawberries
5 lbs potatoes
1 indiv sweet potato
1 indiv onion
10 indiv fuji apples
8 indiv bananas
1 pt blueberries
1 indiv cucumber
2 indiv plum tomatoes
1.68 lbs grapes
1 lbs carrots


2 six pks yogurt
1 blk cream cheese
2 gallons 2% milk
1 gallons skim milk
0.62 lbs American cheese
2 dozen eggs
3 gallons 2% milk
0.5 lbs American cheese
1 gallons skim milk
2 bags Kraft shdredded cheddar
3 dozen eggs
1 lbs American cheese
2 gallons skim milk
3 gallons 2% milk
1 twenty-eight pk mini baybel cheese


1 loaf whole wheat sandwich bread
1 bag TJs mini bagels
2 loaves ficelle
1 loaf whole wheat sandwich bread
1 8pk hamburger buns
1 loaf whole wheat sandwich bread
1 loaf whole wheat sandwich bread

1 can refired beans
6 cans canned salmon

1 bottle vegetable oil
1 bag flour
1 pkt taco seasoning
2 lbs brown rice
1 lbs lentils
4 boxes multigrain cheerios
1 boxes Aunt Jemima pancake mix


1 bag potato chips
1 bag potato chips
1 bag tortilla chips
2 boxes Bandaids
1 tube neosporin
1 indiv first aid kit
1 pack panty liners
1 jar cream of tartar
4 boxes fruit roll ups
4 boxes strawberry yogurt granola bars
1 bag potato chips


2 12pks toilet paper
1 8pk Bounty paper towels

3 tubes Desitin
8 pks baby wipes

2 bags Orange chicken
1 bg Disney chicken nuggets
1 bg waffle fries
3 lg Red Baron pizzas

In the last 3 months we've averaged just over $250 a month for groceries. Much better than the $523 we spent in the month of April alone. In these 3 months we've submitted $204 in mail in rebates based on the groceries purchased. After calculating the mail in rebate savings, it brings our 3 month average down to $186 per month.