Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time Saving Tuesday - Schedules

It's Back to School Time!

The lazy days of Summer are behind us and it is ime to return to a more fromal routine. As you firm up bedtimes, get stricter on oral hygine and matching clothing for the kids it may be a good time to look at your daily schedule. How are you spending your hours each day? Use the change in routine for the children as a framework to more effectively spend your time each day.

I began carrying around a small stack of index cards and a pen in my pocket. They are rubberbanded together. The top card is a "To Do" list, the other cards represent the hours in my daywith one hour increments printed at the top.

On my "To Do" list I write down the "must be done items" the things my DH has asked me to do, any goals for the day and reminders.

On my hourly cards I have given myself a schedule. I give myself times for prayer, scripture study, personal time. I also alot time for each of the children & homework time. Each day I tackle one room/closet/area for de-cluttering or deep cleaning. The rest of the day is filled with routine housework such as laundry, meal prep, etc.

These cards give me accountability and a game plan.