Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thrifty Thursday makes room for Tradition Thursday!

Family Traditions!

Today is my #3 son's 6th birthday. I decided to share our family birthday traditions instead of a thrifty tip. The idea came to me while I made breakfast. The birthday breakfast is one of our family traditions.

Here is my son's birthday pancake on the griddle.

I've gotten pretty good at making number shaped pancakes over the years. One and eleven are really easy! :o)

So, at our home, the birthday person gets a birthday pancake in the shape of their new age. They also choose the menu for dinner. Tonight is hot dog and beans (much easier and cheaper than some of the other requests I've had). They also choose their celebration dessert.

We also reassign chores shortly after the bithday to reflect their growing responsibility and contribution to the family.