Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whittle Down Wednesday

It's Wednesday again and I'm still in the kitchen! :0)

The purpose of our "Whittle Down Wednesday" is to inspire you (and us) to look at your (our)posessions from a new perspective.
When I re-read Peter Walsh'sbook It's All Too Much, I thought about what my first home looked like when I had 2 little girls and VERY few posessions. I remember wishing I had more (a couch, a bookcase, a newer table, etc.). Back then, my girls had only a few toys: a doll house, a play dish set, blocks, realistic looking rubber/plastic aniumal figures and their dolls. It was really wonderful. When there are fewer options there is less clutter and easier clean up. And they were not burdened by their things.

Next I thought about the last time I walked through a model home, it was attractive in more ways than one. It was neat and uncluttered.

Finally I thought if I were going to put my house on the market right now would my prospective buyers be attracted to the neat and uncluttered feeling my home gives? If your home does, just ignore this post!

This is the mindset I keep as I approach a space that I intend to de-clutter and make a more efficient space. It is not easy to keep this mindset, I get distracted by habit.

Here is my canned goods cabinet BEFORE

I stored canned goods, oils, cooking wines,vinegars and olive oil here. I also stored some serving dishes, peanuts, mints and other seldom used items.

Canned goods cabinet AFTER

Now I have canned meat, soups and fruits on the bottom shelf. I also moved my stationary/pen basket off the counter into this cabinet. Shelf #2 holds canned tomatoes and vegetables, pasta sauces, beans and jarred items. Shelf #3 holds my oils, cooking wines, vinegars, and peanuts. Shelf #4 holds small dessert cups, glass oil & vinegar bottles and some homemade pottery I use on special occasions.

Now that I am viewing the picture I see that my glass bowls on shelf #3 should be moved to the cabinet with my table setting dishes. I'm so used to storing them here I didn't even think about moving them until I saw how my photo might be scrutinized by others.

It may be a good idea to team up with a friend or neighbor and inspire each other to organize and de-clutter your spaces. This gives both of you accountability, motivation and a fresh perspective.