Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free Hefty One Zip storage bags at Walmart

Hefty OneZip 17 ct gallon size and the 22 ct quart size are a $1 at Walmart. You can find them right in the regular baggie/foil/plastic wrap section. The tag in front of them says 2 for $2. Currently there are $1/1 blinkie coupons found at various supermarkets. Some blinkies expire 7/24 and some don't expire until September. Some blinkies start with a number 5 in the bar code and some with the number 9. I've read that the ones that start with a 5 don't beep at all when scanned and those with a number 9 do beep and need the cashier's input (although otherwise they look like the exact same thing.)

If you can't find the blinkies in a store by you, you can check out ebay or a coupon clipping service to see if you can find any deals.