Thursday, July 16, 2009

THRIFTY THURSDAY - How to Save $ on Produce

Another new favorite blog of mine is MileHiMama's Mama Says: Disorganized, Discombobulated, Devoted. She has a teriffic post linked above outlining 8 ways to save on produce from the obvious to the novel.

Here they are in a nutshell (see her blog for the details)
1. Buy the loss leaders
2. Buy in season
3. Organic?
4. Markdown rack
5. Grow your own
6. Frozen vs. fresh
7. off the beaten path
8. unadvertised specials

MileHiMama alos has an inspiring Food Stamp Challenge. The purpose of this portion of her blog is to prove that it is posible to feed her family of ten on $140/week. According to government data MileHiMama's family should be spending $1200 per week - at least that is what the amount they would be given to spend if they received Food Stamps. She has special diets to contend with and buys organic when she can. Check out this inspiring series of posts where she updates weekly what she buys her family and how much it costs her.