Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whittle Down Wednesday

Life has been soooo busy. I think our school routines are shaping up. Football has been so exciting! It is amazing to watch my little men on the field! I hated football my whole life until my boys began playing. I'm even figuring out the game!

I'm just getting caught up in housework and I've been to Walgreens once (I needed shampoo! We were sharing one bottle between two showers).

My family is asking me when I'm going to start shopping and couponing again. I think I'm almost ready. I sent one of my daughters to HT to try and "do triples" for me one day last week. The shelves were cleared. All she got was 5 pouches of tuna for 9 cents.

My freezer has been spilling snow on the floor for the past 5 days. I had to get it defrosted TODAY. When I realized it was Wednesday, I figured I'd take pictures for the blog. So here's my Whittle Down Wednesday project.


Before: After:

Much better. No more snowball fights! :o)

Edited to add: Now our ice-maker works again!! :o)