Thursday, September 24, 2009

Safeway--big time money maker!

It's been a month since my little one was born--but I'm ready to get back in the action now. It's been a long month of a week in the NICU, boys with stomach viruses, a wicked ear infection and a seizure and subsequent ambulance ride for my 21 month old. Hopefully things will settle down now!

I'm back because I HAD to post about a serious money maker at Safeway. Fannie tipped me off to it.

Here's how it works.

Buy 1 Joint Juice for $1.39 (there were $1/1 printables on their site but I can't get them to print.) You will receive a catalina coupon for $5 off 7 bottles of Joint Juice.

Buy 7 bottles of Joint Juice. Total: $9.73 - $5 coupon = 4.73 plus tax, earn a $10 catalina. So you total oop is $6.12 (before tax) and you earn a $10 catalina.

So now you've made $3.88--but wait--there's more. You can now continue to "roll" this $5 coupon and $10 catalina. Each time you use do the deal from this point on you can get $5 in free stuff--and still end up with another $5 coupon and $10 catlalina to use.

In each subsequent deal you'll buy 7 bottles of Joint Juice and $5 worth of fillers. I did it today and bought 2 boxes of Quaker Instant Oatmeal and my oop expense was only 10 cents each time I did it.

NOTE: The $5 Joint Juice coupons DO BEEP and require a manager's key or the self service person's key to override, but there's no stated limits anywhere on how many times you can do the deal.

The SD's page says you need $5.27 in fillers--but I did it with $5 in filler just fine today.