Thursday, September 10, 2009

MIR update

I mailed out 9 MIR forms yesterday totalling $48. I dropped $12 in rebate checks at the bank today and have deposited about $90 since Sept. 1.

I just made a trade on HCW for a $20 MIR and Tuesday I found a $10 MIR form at my local grocery store.

If you havent started rebating yet, I recommend it! :o)

Here's a quick tutorial.

You must be 21 years old or older to submit a MIR offer. Most MIRs (Mail in Rebates) are offered by beer and wine companies. Most of these offers (not all) require no beer or wine purchases. They do however have purchase requirements. Sometimes the offers are seasonal for example recently there was a $30 rebate when you purchased a grill over $100. I have seen rebates for lawn furniture, christmas trees, sunglasses, etc. Most rebates are on grocery items while some are on a receipt total of $X or more with exclusions. The majority of rebates I have submitted are on combinations of meats, ice, condiments, chips, salty snacks, soda, pizza, water, paper plates.

If you begin to trade for MIRs on a coupon trade forum remember these things:
1. Make sure the rebate is valid in your state.

2. Make sure it isn't expired. There are three dates you want to look for: 1. Offer begins date, 2. Offer expires date, and 3. Must be received by date.

3. You may want to know if you can combine purchases from more than one receipt, or is only a single receipt required.

4. Is it NBPR (no beer purchase required) or NWPR (no wine purchase required)?

Six of the rebates I mailed out yesterday were MIRs for $3 back wyb $3+ in fruit. (Note most rebate offers are limit of one per household - this one had no minimum). I always save my receipts for up to three months. I keep them to record my expenses in a budget, track my purchases, and I save them in case I find MIR offers I can use them for. My old receipts reap cash for me!

The trade I made today was for a MIR valid only in my state. It required a cash register receipt with a purchase of $40 or more not including alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy, gasoline, lottery tickets or gift cards. I went through the receipts I have saved on past purchases made during the MIR promotional period and found one for over $40. I will mail it to the beer company and they will send me a check for $20 in 6-8 weeks.