Tuesday, September 8, 2009

August budget in review - 8isGreat

The last three weeks have been extremely busy here!
We had 4 birthday celebrations.
DD #1 started college.
I began homeschooling DD #2 & 3.
For the first time ever DS #1, 2 &3 went to public school.
An unforseen ($COSTLY$) home repair caused many changes to our original plans for education for the 2009/10 school year. So, I have been spending the past 3 weeks buying textbooks for homeschooling kids and registering and placing public school kids and teaching myself Algebra II late at night. :o)
I missed the Kroger 2 week long Mega Event and I missed Harris Teeters Super Doubles AND Triples. There just wasn't any way to do what needed to be done for my children's school plans and shop for deals...or even plan meals! DH stepped in and made many meals during these weeks and we've ordered pizza in twice - extremely rare for us.

Regrets? NONE. I'm just glad I didn't know ahead of time all the changes I would be making. It would have stressed me out too much. :o)

August spending breakdown.
Week #1 -$174.30
Week # 2 -$123.94
Week #3 -$131.76
Week #4 - $48.89
Last 3 days of month -$103.28
Total spent on groceries, H&B, baby items, and cleaning products for August 2009 -$582.17

I went overbudget AGAIN. I'm not upset this month. I have been in the past.
Life is "REAL" and God is in control, not me. He knows what is best for us and we need to stick close to Him to discern His plans. I really think I didn't do too bad all things considered.
A goal is a great tool and I won't stop keeping a budget goal.
I wonder what my total would look like if I didn't add in cleaning, baby and H&B items. Probably under $500. Maybe I will make separate accounts of these categories in the future.

Here is what we got for $582.17.

August Purchases
Blink Tears 2
Body soap 4
Schick intuition refill cartridges 12 individual
Feminine products 4
Purse sized Hand lotion1
Tooth brushes 12
Shampoo 2
Conditioner 3
CVS Makeup remover toweletes 1

Tubs Huggies wipes 32

Electrasol power tabs 3
Tide liquid 4 large bottles
8 AA Energizer Lithium batteries

Hot Dog Buns 5
Hamburger buns 6
Tortillas 70
Croutons 3 bags
Honey wheat loaves 9
Italian loaf 1
French Loaf 2
English Muffins 30 individual

Cranberry juice 1
Apple juice 8
12 pack soda 5
2 liter soda 1
Tea bags 4 boxes
Powdered lemonade drink mix 1

Tuna fish 2 cans
Ravioli 4 cans
Plum sauce 2
Ragu pasta sauce 2
Peanut butter 1
Diced tomatoes and green chilis 2
Enchilada sauce 1
Soups 8 cans
Roasted peppers 1
Tuna 6 cans
Salsa 1

Frosting 3
Devil’s Food Cake mix 1
Mac n Cheese boxes 3
Cereal 12
Chocolate chips
Nutri Grain bars 1 box
Ramen Noodles 2 pkgs
Flour 15 lb
Sugar 5 lb
Jumbo Pasta Shells 2 boxes
Martha White Muffin Mixes 14
Cereal 4 boxes
Granola bars 1 box
Poptart boxes 22
Dole fruit bowls 1
Grape jelly 1
Chocolate chips 4 bags
Potato chips 4
Tortilla chips 1
Individual snack size chip bags 150
Mac N Cheese 5 boxes

Paper towels 21 rolls
Napkins 7

Eggs 208
Milk gallons 60
Sour cream 7
Cheese block 4
Shredded cheese 14
String Cheese 48 individual
Sliced cheese 6
Butter 12 sticks
Cream cheese 1 block

Potato salad
Sliced Turkey breast 3 ¾ lbs
Honey Ham 9 ¾ lbs.
Provalone 2 lb

Ball Park Hot Dogs 2 packages
Boneless skinless chicken breasts 40 individual
Split Chicken breasts 12
20 lb chicken leg quarters

Cucumbers 4
Red Onion 1
Yellow Onion 1
Green leaf lettuce 1
Baby carrots 2 lbs
Apples .89+ 1.36 lb
Bananas 3.27+1.88 +3.35+2.78
Clementines 5 lb
Iceberg lettuce 3
Cherries 1.26 lbs
Organic Bananas 8.08 lbs
Corn 28 ears
Peaches 27 lbs.
Grapes 2.25+2.14 + 1.96 lbs

DiGiorno Pizzas 6
Breyer’s Chocolate ice cream 1
Dove stick ice cream
Dreamsicle bars

It looks like we buy alot of deli meat. I freeze it when it is on sale. I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy a ham butt instead of sliced in the deli dept. I use 30% off Qs in the deli so my OOP is pretty low on deli purchases. Just thinking out loud...