Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

Like you, we've been shocked by the images we've seen this week from Haiti. This weekend lots of bloggers are joinging together to raise money for the relief efforts.

I thought I'd share how my husband and I decide on the amount of money we can give. We each take some time to think and pray about the amount of money we should give and settle on a figure. (alone) Then one person goes first and says the dollar amount they thought of. In 10 years of marriage I would say it's been the exact same amount about 95% of the time!

If you'd like to donate and need a reputable organization, please consider Catholic Relief Services. They are a great organization and do wonderful work.

Also, I know lots of Catholic churches are having a second collection this weekend specifically to aid the work of CRS in Haiti. We've told our kids about it and they want to help too, so they are going to be doing extra chores this weekend to earn money that they can put in the collection basket themselves.