Thursday, January 21, 2010

Giant: Free Cottage Cheese

This week at Giant the Breakstone's Cottage Cheese doubles are $1 each. There is also a Catalina promo for $5 on your next order when you buy 5, making them free!

The $5 catalina coupon beeps and doesn't come off on subsequent transactions no matter what you do, so my store has been giving me the cash in exchange for them. Yesterday I did 3 back to back transactions of 5 cottage cheese each, paid the $5 cash out of pocket (each time), then the self check out/customer service worker took the catalinas and gave me $15 cash.

I believe this promo ends 1/24, but the cottage cheese doesn't expire until March. My kids don't like the jelly stir ins, so we only open the cottage cheese part. It makes a very easy snack to throw into the lunch box!