Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cheap Razors at Target - this week only!

Target advertised in Sunday's sale flyer "Free $5 Target Gift Card with the purchase of any 2 of these razors or cartridges! Razors are on sale for $6.99. Those included in this offer are Intuition Plus, Quattro for Women, or Quattro Titanium.
In this past Sunday's newspaper (March 22) there were 2 coupons for razors. One for $4.00 off one Schick Intuition and one for $4.00 off one Schick Quattro for Women.
I went last night and this is how it worked.
I did 5 back-to-back transactions (Yes, I bought five Sunday papers. If you are interested in saving $ with coupons start buying extra papers and filing the coupon inserts away now)
Transaction #1
+$0.45 tax
-$8.00 in Qs (two $4 coupons)
=$6.43 this is what I paid out of pocket
Then, the cashier handed me a $5 Target gift card.
2 razors (nice ones) for $1.43. Not bad! Probably worth digging through your recycling bucket or getting coupon inserts from a neighbor.

I took it a few steps farther. I have three teenage daughters! :o)
Transaction #2-5
+$0.45 tax
-$8.00 in Qs
-$5.00 gift card
=$1.43 my new out of pocket total

Transaction #1 cost me :
Transactions #2-#5 cost me:
$1.43 x 4 = $5.82

My total out of pocket expense was $6.43 + $5.82 = $12.25 for ten razors AND I still have a $5 gift card from the last transaction!
$12.25 - $5.00 (value of GC) = $7.25 for ten great razors. That's $0.73 per razor!

BTW, I haven't used a cheap store brand disposal razor since 2007. I found out it's really cheaper to buy the expensive ones on sale, with promotions and coupons!

Note: My cashier was very nice. He very happily handed over each gift card. And, the person I was holding up didn't express any frustration as I handed over Qs (coupons) and payments (five times) and received recipts and GCs (five times). She simply said, "Wow! How'd you do that?"