Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheap Barilla Pasta at Safeway (Update - GIANT has Barilla for free)

For those of you who don't have HT and couldn't do "triples," Safeway offers you the next best thing.
Barilla Pasta will be on sale through May 10th.

The Piccolini pasta is on sale for $1.50/box.
The Whole Grain Pasta is on sale fjor $1.75/box.

This past Sunday's SS insert had a few Barilla Qs.
1) $.50 off 1 Barilla Piccolini pasta (x4/30/09)and
2) $.50 off Barilla Whole Grain pasta (x4/30/09)

Most Safeway stores double all maufacturer's Qs up to 99c.

After Qs you pay 75c/box of Whole Grain pasta and 50c/box of Piccolini (these are mini sized pasta. Perfect for small children - NOTE: you may still need to chop these up for the wee ones).

Cheap pasta!

Better than cheap, Barilla is on sale this week at Giant for $1/box. Giant doubles Qs up to 50c. It looks like the Piccolini's are definitely $1. I'm not sure about the whole grain. If someone goes to Giant and finds out, please post a comment letting us know what worked!